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Do you only want to pay for online advertisements which actually lead potential customers to your web site? Do you want to limit your advertisement geographically? Do you want to choose your advertising budget freely? Do you want to advertise without scattering loss?

Optimal placement of your flexible advertising budget
We offer you to place your advertising budget optimally and make the success measurably for you. You determine yourself of which amount your advertising budget is. After an elaborate analysis for key words and phrases we place so called Cost-Per-Click announcements in the scope of your advertising budget.

Target group oriented coupling and cost efficient advertisement
Your announcements will be switched target group oriented for determined search words and geographic regions. The advantage of Cost-Per-Click announcements is obvious: You can advertise without scattering loss and thus you only pay advertisement on which the inquirer is interested in your topic and not just looks at the advertisement. After the discharge of the Cost-Per-Click campaign you will receive a report about the success of the campaign.

Professional placement
The optimisation of your text link campaigns and the budgets linked to them are only implemented by assistants who own a Google certification as Google "AdWords Qualified Professional" with us.

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