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.E-COMMERCE Shop Shop solutions for the sale via internet and telephone
Services Shop
Edit & Publish
Work on products in the text editor (WYSIWYG)
Upload pictures and data files of the products
Install product groups yourself
Date controlled offers
Different sales tax rates
Distribute products onto stores
Different mailing expense allowance
Support of several currencies
Order process
Arbitrary methods of delivery
all prevalent payment methods
Automatic giving away of continuous invoice and delivery note number
Online handlimg of payments (debit, bank card) in connection with a partner*
Automatic generation of delivery notes
Automatic generation of bills
Customer management
Administration of customers and customer groups
Customer login
Service pages only for registrated customers
Access statistic according to contents, period, browsers and languages
Access statistic according to provenience
Live monitor
Setup as On-Demand service 100,00 € plus 19% sales tax
119,00 € incl. 19% sales tax
Monthly On-Demand plan 34,00 € plus 19% sales tax
40,46 € incl. 19% sales tax

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