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The growth of meaning of the internet as information media in the purchase process inexorably goes on both on the consumer’s side and on the industrial side. The purchase via the electric basket of commodities already belongs to a standard purchase alternative for the consumers.

Enforcement of E-Commerce solutions with industrial commodities
E-Commerce solutions increasingly intermingle in the industry, too, to lower the cost of distribution, optimise the chains of distribution and increase the sales, which can be realised as competitive advantages for the enterprises.

Integration to classical chains of distribution
Internet based service centres for customers and distributors as well as consultancy and calculation of offerings via websites support the classical sale, too. It is important for the success of E-Commerce solutions that they are linked to and integrated in the classical solutions and that the human buying behaviour is regarded.

We offer you to analyse your traditional chains of distribution. Building up on this we integrate our standardised Shop and Payment solutions with integrated implementation of interfaces to your merchandise management system.

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