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Higher sales with the means of more distribution channels

Do you want to increase your sales and enter new distribution channels? Do you not want to extend your advertising budget massively? Do you not want to advertise just on your own website, but also cheaply on other portals? You do not mind profit-sharing?

Affiliate Marketing is a device of Performance Marketing. The basis for this device is the cooperation of enterprises. These especially are enterprises which form a common value creation chain together for the end customer or offer complementary goods. To this, enterprises like suppliers, development partners, technology partners or representatives belong.

The enterprises conduct their reciprocal advertisement via banners, text links, integration of products into the partner’s online portfolio or the complete integration of a web shop into the partner’s web presence.

The partner uses the advertising material of the enterprise to market the offers via his website, e-mail newsletter or another means.

An enterprise does not restrict to its own website anymore, but advertises via many other relevant partner sites on the internet. The price for this as a rule is performance-related. Self-determined commissions which efficiency is directly measurable are paid.

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