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Integral advantages of content2project.CMS


  • Out-of-the-Box product
  • Individualisation despite a high degree of standardisation
  • High degree of user-friendliness and ergonomics
  • Solution oriented, not technical frisky
  • Service attendances (manual, support)
  • Separation of content and design
  • One application for internet, intranet and extranet portal
  • Reliability in your Corporate Design


  • Low total costs
  • Low process costs
  • No software installation and maintenance
  • Optimisation of corproate communication with simultaneous decrease of information costs between assistants, customers, partners and press
  • Faster Return on Investment or no investment costs at all because of On-Demand-Software


  • Long-term stability
  • Investment security (economically)
  • Mature and multi-level security concept (technically)
Made in Germany
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