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The success of an internet, intranet or extranet portal fundamentally depends on the up-to-dateness and the quality. To enable your assistants to make the grade continuously, a structured and user-friendly system for the maintenance of the portal is advisable and advantageous.

When texts and pictures are formatted for the internet medium, this leads to a considerable expenditure of time and unnecessary costs. Content-Management-Systems standardise and accelerate these actions and thus help to save time and money.

content2project® is a user-friendly Content-Management-System, which enables every user to publish contents for websites, intra and extranets without implying programming technical knowledge of the user. The provision of content2project® on a central server reduces the overheads world widely and brings flexibility in the publishing of contents. Via a user authorisation concept it is secured that only chosen groups or users can change and release certain contents.

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