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Achieving the text link marketing of your offer in five steps

  1. Setting the text link marketing account
    You contact us so that we set a gratis text link marketing account for you.
  2. Set targets and align the strategy
    We gather the aims and strategies for your textlink marketing campaign together with you.
  3. Compilation of the advertising campaign
    Afterwards we compile your advertising campaign. Here we determine the keywords, the advertising copy and the maximum Cost-per-Click amount due depending on your advertising budget.
  4. Performance and optimisation of the advertising campaign
    After the compilation and optimisation of your campaign contacts we activate your account and the ads are taken out in search engines. During the duration of the campaign your campaign can constantly be optimised to make sure that your aims really are achieved.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of the campaign
    You regularly receive an evaluation of the advertising campaign so that you are able to observe the devolution closely and we are able to optimise your campaign if necessary so that it achieves the desired success.
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